How Much More Will D.C. Spend Bankrolling Ukraine Corruption?

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The Ukrainian regime run by President Volodymyr Zelensky is still saturated with corruption as the war-torn nation looks to American taxpayers for additional life support.

On Monday, Time Magazine published a feature on Zelensky’s “Struggle to Keep Ukraine in the Fight,” detailing the alleged challenges faced by the Ukrainian president after 20 months of war. This includes waning Western support for funding the endless effort and rampant corruption within the Ukrainian state. A majority of Americans oppose sending more U.S. tax dollars to Ukraine, according to a CNN poll in August.

“With the outbreak of war in Israel, even keeping the world’s attention on Ukraine has become a major challenge,” Time Magazine lamented. Ukrainians are reportedly also running out of manpower as government corruption erodes confidence in the regime among both potential military recruits and the West.

“Now recruitment is way down,” according to Time. “As conscription efforts have intensified around the country, stories are spreading on social media of draft officers pulling men off trains and buses and sending them to the front. Those with means sometimes bribe their way out of service, often by paying for a medical exemption.”

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