Democrats worry attacking Trump will lead to a repeat of 2016

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One Democratic strategist is sounding the alarm over what he expects President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party to use as their main line of attack against former President Donald Trump in a likely 2024 matchup.

Ruy Teixeira compared what appears to be Biden’s 2024 strategy to one that Democrats used the last time they lost to Trump. “What did [Hillary Clinton] run on?” Teixeira asked during an interview on the Playbook Deep Dive podcast.

The co-author of Where Have All the Democrats Gone?, alongside John Judis, explained that campaigning against Trump’s personality and rhetoric, or his “MAGA extremism,” may not be effective.

“It was all about how bad Donald Trump was, what a bad person he was, how sexist he was, how racist he was,” he said of Clinton’s 2016 bid.

Trump, however, “talked about issues,” Teixeira noted. “You may not have liked how he talked about issues, and he may not have been very specific, but he talked about issues, whereas Hillary talked about Bad Orange Man.”

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