Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski pledges to join Elon Musk in pushback against far-left censorship: ‘The calvary is coming’

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Elon Musk said he would “file a thermonuclear lawsuit” against Media Matters over a hit piece they released last week that led corporate advertisers to leave the X platform. He alleged that they manipulated their research methods to attain a desired result—that of showing ads from high-profile companies next to antisemitic content. The Babylon Bee, Timcast, and Benny Media all pledged big ad buys on the platform. Now, Rumble CEO Christ Pavlovski has announced his plans to “go thermonuclear as well.”

“When I said the cavalry is coming, I was not joking. In the coming days, we are going thermonuclear as well. Everyone is about to witness the greatest pushback against the censorship regime. The people’s support for all organizations in this mission is critical,” Pavlovski said.

“Yes,” Musk replied simply.

The Missouri attorney general’s office is also investigating after allegations that Media Matters gamed servers to prove their hypothesis. “My team is looking into this matter,” said Andrew Bailey. It was Bailey’s team that brought suit against the Biden administration over censorship on social media platforms. That suit, still ongoing, resulted in a federal judge prohibiting the Biden White House from contacting social media companies altogether.

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