Retired FBI agent warns Vivek Ramaswamy to be ‘very careful’ on the campaign trail

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Vivek Ramaswamy was at a campaign stop in Iowa on Thursday and met a retired FBI agent and his wife who said they were supporters. The former agent gave Ramaswamy a warning.

“I met a former FBI agent and his wife on the campaign trail here in Iowa. They agree with me: we need to root out the corruption & shut down the FBI. At the local level, we have police & prosecutors. At the federal level, we have U.S. marshals & the DOJ. An intermediary bureaucracy is rife with risk for politicized corruption & it’s been happening since J. Edgar Hoover in the 60s,” Ramaswamy said on X of the exchange.

Charlie Kirk saw the exhange and asked a different question.”

Is this man warning Vivek he’s in danger because of the FBI?” Kirk asked.”Jesus, be careful,” the man said to Ramaswamy, who assured him that they would be.

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