Exclusive—Seamus Bruner: Remembering Henry Kissinger, the Godfather of the New World Order

Article originally appeared on www.breitbart.com.

Henry Kissinger died yesterday at 100 years old. Kissinger was the most influential diplomat in modern American history, albeit a polarizing figure.

The New York Times eulogizes Kissinger as the “most powerful secretary of state of the postwar era,” adding that he was “both celebrated and reviled.” Rolling Stone leans toward the latter, as revealed in its headline: “Henry Kissinger, War Criminal Beloved by America’s Ruling Class, Finally Dies.”

But Henry Kissinger was a larger figure than can be captured by today’s “hot take” impulse. He loomed as a serious figure even to those of his time who hated his realpolitik approach to the world, and he looms large still in ways that neither his friends nor his enemies might have imagined.

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