VIDEO: Inside The Day-Long Terrorist Siege On Israel’s Sderot Police Station

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A police officer in the Israeli border city of Sderot says it was just after six in the morning on October 7 when he was alerted that the city was under terrorist attack, and he rushed to begin a day-long firefight at the police station.

“There was a big fight in here and gun shooting, and eight police officers died,” Sderot municipal police officer, Elad Buadana, told The Daily Wire in front of where the police station once stood. “That’s what remains from the place I call home.”

Sderot, a city of about 30,000, is routinely the target of rocket fire from Gaza — the attacks are so common that there was once a shelf displaying dozens of rockets fired at the city’s civilian population. The police officer said he was in disbelief when he learned that terrorists were on foot attacking the city after his commander called him to fight.

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