Israel-Hamas war hits 2-month mark with IDF calling Palestinian terrorists the ‘enemy of humanity’

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A 28-year-old Thai hostage who was freed by Hamas after spending 50 days in captivity in the Gaza Strip says he and his fellow countrymen relied on playing chess games on a makeshift board and memories of their families to make it through beatings by the terrorists.

Anucha Angkaew, a farm worker in southern Israel, told Reuters that he and five Thai colleagues shouted “Thailand, Thailand” when they were confronted by 10 militants on Oct. 7, “but they didn’t care.”

After two of his colleagues were killed, including a friend shot dead in front of him, Angkaew said he and the rest were brought into Gaza and spent nearly all of their time there inside two underground rooms.

“I thought I would die,” he told Reuters from his family home in Thailand, describing how his captors would punch and kick them, while the Israelis were whipped with electrical wires.

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