Biden has further to fall in the polls

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Despite being in bad shape politically, President Joe Biden has not hit rock bottom yet. Unlike in 2020, Biden is going to have to campaign, and he is going to have a record to defend — his alone, not one he inherited from former President Barack Obama. And unlike in 2020 and throughout his presidency, the establishment media will have to cover him. As history has shown, exposure and coverage are not a good combination for Biden.

To be sure, Biden is still working from an advantage. As usual, the establishment media have given their preferential pass to a Democrat. Without it, Biden would likely not be running at all in 2024.

It started in 2020 and has extended throughout his three years in the White House. During Biden’s 2020 campaign, the establishment media did not dwell on his two ignominious presidential runs in 1988 and 2008, both of which their coverage helped kill quickly. Nor did they raise the fact that he was passed over in 2016 for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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