Biden anti-consumer crusade targets 4 more types of appliances

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2023 was an unusually bad year for appliance regulations, and future years won’t be much better unless Congress finds a way to stop the nonsense.

It all started last January when Richard Trumka Jr., a commissioner on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), announced an investigation into the safety of natural gas stoves and boasted that a ban on them was “a real possibility.” That sparked a powerful consumer backlash, followed up by strong denials from the Biden administration that any such ban was in the works.

But CPSC has still gone ahead with its inquiry, and in February, team Biden launched a second regulatory attack on stoves, this time in the form of a new Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency standard. A careful read of the proposal reveals that it is much tougher on gas stoves than electric versions – part of the …

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