Ramaswamy Campaign Halts TV Ad Spending

Article originally appeared on www.newsmax.com.

The campaign for biotech entrepreneur and Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said it has put an end to TV advertising weeks ahead of the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

A Ramaswamy spokesperson told NBC News on Tuesday that the campaign has no future TV reservations booked, opting instead for “nimble” and “hypertargeted” advertising on other platforms.

“We are focused on bringing out the voters we’ve identified — best way to reach them is using addressable advertising, mail, text, live calls, and doors to communicate with our voters on Vivek’s vision for America, making their plan to caucus and turning them out,” campaign press secretary Tricia McLaughlin told NBC News.

The move comes with Ramaswamy languishing in the polls. As of Tuesday, Ramaswamy had just 3.5% percent support nationally in the GOP presidential primary, ahead of only Chris Christie (3.4%), according to the FiveThirtyEight.com …

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