Armed Gang Takes Over Television Station During Live Broadcast

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Gunmen took over an Ecuadorian television station during a live broadcast on Tuesday as the country descended into further chaos and a state of armed conflict was declared.

The incident comes after Adolfo Macías, a convicted leader of one of the country’s most powerful gangs, escaped from prison on Monday, sending shockwaves throughout the country.

During their storming of public TC Televisión station, gunshots were heard and alleged explosives were shown by members of the Los Tiguerones and Los Lobos gangs, The Washington Post reported. Law enforcement confirmed the arrests of at least 13 alleged gang members involved in the incident.

The incident comes after multiple attacks have happened across the country over the last day, “including about 30 car explosions and the kidnapping of seven police officers,” the report said. “Riots have also broken out at several prisons, with reports that dozens of guards …

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