Dem Donors Known to Hunter Bought Majority of Hunter Biden’s ‘Art’

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I know you’re every bit as surprised as I am that the undiscovered artistic talents of Hunter Biden were a way for Dem donors to give money to the Biden family.

After interviewing Hunter’s “art dealer”, the House Oversight Committee revealed that “the majority of Hunter Biden’s art has been purchased by Democrat donors”.

“Georges Bergès revealed Kevin Morris purchased most of Hunter Biden’s art for $875,000 in January 2023. However, Kevin Morris only paid Mr. Bergès 40% commission of the $875,000 purchase and Hunter Biden and Kevin Morris figured out the financial implications. Mr. Bergès admitted he has never done an art deal like that before.” “In 2020, Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali did not buy Hunter Biden’s art despite Georges Bergès best efforts. Within two months of Joe Biden becoming President, in February 2021, Ms. Naftali purchased her first piece …

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