Migrant Camp Moves Into High School, Forces Students Out of Their Classrooms

Article originally appeared on www.westernjournal.com.

When, pray tell, will President Joe Biden and his administration finally be forced to admit that their open borders policy isn’t just hurting red border states like Arizona and Texas but the whole of America — including his own bread-and-butter big-city supporters?

The latest piece of evidence came from the most populous U.S. city — New York, which has been so besieged by illegal immigrants who want to come there that it’s actually suing the bus companies bringing them there. The hope in New York, among other emergency stopgap measures, was that a camp could be set up in a distant corner of Brooklyn known as Floyd Bennett Field to house at least part of the flood of migrants streaming into the city.

But New York weather in January isn’t amenable to camping. And that’s why, according to a New York Post report Tuesday, a Brooklyn high school …

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