As America Is Torn to Shreds, Democratic Reps Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu Go All-In on Protecting Rats

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This week Congressman Ted Lieu, a Democrat from California, introduced a critical new bill that will undoubtedly save millions of American lives. American rats, that is.

I’m not kidding. The Glue Trap Prohibition Act, introduced Wednesday, is a bill that bans the use of glue traps to catch rodents. Congressman Adam Schiff, a Democrat also from California, was obviously so relieved that this matter had been finally taken up that he decided to co-sponsor the bill.

No doubt the rats need protecting and who better to ensure that happens than Schiff? You can’t make this stuff up.

I believe most of you understand what a glue trap is. But for those who have never become acquainted, allow me to explain. Glue traps are boards coated with an extremely sticky adhesive that attracts rodents. Once the rodents stumble onto them, they remain …

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