Dems Quash Rand Paul’s Amendment To Freeze U.S. Aid To Palestinian Authority

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Senate Democrats voted down an amendment on Thursday proposed by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) that aimed to freeze U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority, which controls parts of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The amendment would have stopped aid to the Palestinian Authority or any Palestinian government in the West Bank or Gaza until specific conditions were met, such as the Palestinian Authority formally condemning Hamas’ attack on Israel and a safe return of the hostages being held by Hamas, Fox News reported. Paul’s amendment was attached to the short-term spending bill that Congress passed on Thursday to avert a government shutdown through March.

“The only thing consistent about American foreign aid is that the money continues to flow, regardless of the behavior of the recipients,” Paul said, according to POLITICO. “You would think with the massacre and everything else why would we be giving any …

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