Biden Brags of “Blowout” in South Carolina With 4% Turnout

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Once upon a time, journalists were warned not to ‘bury the lede’. But in an era when the media is Pravda with snappier logos, the lede has to be buried in an unmarked grave most of the time. Take the story of Biden’s big blowout primary win.

Media headlines hype his 96% victory in the South Carolina primary. Fewer mention that it was a 4% turnout election.

I’ve said before that Biden had the DNC rig the primary calendar to favor him by putting South Carolina first and kicking out New Hampshire because he couldn’t lose in SC if he were dead.

And this primary proved it.

South Carolina secured Biden the nomination in the 2020 primaries. He paid multiple campaign visits there and spent six figures on ads in a state that was a sure thing to produce these kinds of big numbers.

And 96% (the current estimate) does sound like a lot. But it’s …

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