Migrants to Be Given Tens of Millions in Free Money Structured Like Food Stamps: Report

Article originally appeared on www.westernjournal.com.

Illegal aliens continue to reap benefits far and above what real Americans are afforded as billions in tax dollars are being burned up to provide freebies for those who broke our laws coming here. And now New York City Mayor Eric Adams is handing out $53 million more tax dollars for free prepaid credit cards to illegals.

The Democrat mayor’s new pilot program will dump $53 million in tax dollars into a welfare system for illegals in the form of prepaid credit cards that can be used to buy food at local bodegas, according to The New York Post.

The newest handout program is being run by the New Jersey-based Mobility Capital Finance which is set to provide the credit cards to 500 illegals, city hall said.

The city claims the cards will be accepted at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores. The migrants …

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