Biden Hit with Backlash for Viral Post with Black Family; Things Get Worse When Viewers Notice What Food He Bought Them

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It’s no secret that President Joe Biden needs black voters to turn out for him if he wants to win re-election in November.

But the aging president, or at least his team, might want to take a college course in racial stereotypes and be sure to check his “white privilege” when doing a photo-op with a black family.

Biden narrowly lost North Carolina and its 15 electoral votes to former President Donald Trump in 2020, but hopes to turn the state blue in 2024.

A Morning Consult poll published Sunday shows Trump at 43 percent and Biden at 42 percent among registered voters and a YouGov Poll published Friday shows Trump leading 45 percent to Biden’s 44 percent, according to WRAL-TV.

According to Reuters, in order to win, Biden needs to inspire liberals in urban areas like Raleigh to turn out in high numbers for him.

Biden visited the state in January, when he recorded a campaign video of himself visiting with a black family. The …

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