Who’s Funding Illegal Immigration? You Are.

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

People often ask how illegal aliens can afford to pay for their journeys. Much of the funding comes from predictable sources: Relatives in the United States may send the money, the migrant may borrow it or even indenture himself to smuggling gangs and work off the debt once here.

But a lot of the money comes from the American taxpayer.

At every stage of a migrant’s journey, U.S. tax money smooths the way for people planning to enter and live in the United States illegally.

Start with the United Nations. The United States gave all the U.N. agencies $18 billion in 2022, representing about one-third of the total budget. The U.N. does many different things with that money, but one thing is to help wannabe border-jumpers actually make it to the border.

An investigation by the Center for Immigration Studies has revealed that …

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