Rep. Barbara Lee Explains How Every Business Can Afford a $50 Hour Minimum Wage

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The California Senate primary is proving challenging for Rep. Barbara Lee. The race already has the establishment Democrat candidate, Rep. Adam Schiff, and the obnoxious leftist candidate, Rep. Katie Porter, and Rep. Lee has been working overtime to get attention. The Castro pal tried to play the victim by getting kicked out of a congressional hearing on Cuba and then she got desperate and proposed a $50 minimum wage.

As John Perrazo at Discover the Networks reports in the profile of Rep. Barbara Lee, when asked to provide “a specific number [dollar amount] for what you’d like to see the federal minimum wage at,” Lee replied that an acceptable minimum wage would be “$50 an hour.”

How are small businesses supposed to afford that? The Communist Senate candidate had an answer.

“First let me say, I owned and ran a small business for 11 years. I created …

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