Thank Universities’ Identity Obsession For Our Stupid Student Surplus

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American civilization with its wealth has built an educational system beyond anything imagined in the past. We have staffed our universities with more than 1.4 million full- and part-time teachers. Of those instructors, 60 percent of college instructors identify as “left” or “far-left.” Many of them have an intellectually close-minded mentality based on racial and sexual identity. One result is that we are producing ill-informed, civically ignorant students.

A year-long study conducted by researchers at the Center for American Institutions at Arizona State University, where I am a professor, found that many teachers in introductory American history survey classes in colleges filter the curriculum around racial, ethnic, sexual, and so-called gender identity, usually to the detriment of a well-balanced and comprehensive understanding of our nation’s past. The use of identity-focused terms, primarily the defining terms for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), e.g., “white supremacy,” “toxic masculinity,” and …

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