Biden Admin Reportedly Warning Putin Not To Put Nuke In Space

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President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against launching an anti-satellite nuclear weapon into space.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the administration’s outreach to the Kremlin has included increasing pressure on other nations to also pressure Russia, as well as top Biden officials reaching out to their counterparts in the Russian government.

Apparently, part of Biden’s plan has also included insulting Putin, which he did on Wednesday when he called the Russian leader a “crazy SOB” who “we always have to be worried about” when it comes to “a nuclear conflict.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) brought attention to the matter last week by warning that a foreign adversary was working on creating a “destabilizing” weapon and urged President Joe Biden to declassify the intelligence surrounding the weapon. Subsequent reporting said that the potential weapon would be used to knock out satellites …

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