Entire Panel of Undecided Voters Backs Trump After Town Hall: ‘He Owns the Room’

Article originally appeared on www.westernjournal.com.

Five undecided South Carolina voters joined Fox News host Laura Ingraham following a recent Fox News town hall featuring former President Donald J. Trump. The town hall took place this past Tuesday.

Ingraham interviewed Jason, Tracy, Eric, Dakota, and Matt the Monday prior to the town hall and after it. With all among them on the fence as to who they would vote for prior to hearing Trump, every one of them was pulling towards Trump by the end.

One of the reasons Trump had such a strong impact on them was he left the petty, negative flavoring off the table, not using even a single jibe against his competition. Instead, he led with solutions and genuinity. That’s the exact recipe that will positively impact undecided voters away from his only Republican rival in the South Carolina presidential …

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