Tucker Carlson Asks Chris Cuomo Flat Out If He’d Ever Hit A Woman

Article originally appeared on dailycaller.com.

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson flat out asked NewsNation host Chris Cuomo in an interview Monday if he’d ever hit a woman.

Carlson and Cuomo, former corporate news media rivals who’ve both undergone significant career transformations in recent years, sat in conversation at Carlson’s home for almost two hours for an episode of “The Tucker Carlson Interview.” The discussion covered everything from the evolution of politics, 9/11, the shift in news media, and whether or not Cuomo would ever punch a woman.

“I don’t make a gender distinction … I know too many women who can kick my ass,” Cuomo told Carlson, who seemed surprised by the claim. Carlson asked Cuomo to name a woman who could beat up the former CNN anchor. (RELATED: Comedian Adam Friedland Interviewed Chris Cuomo, And We Honestly Had No Idea The Former CNN Anchor Was This Funny)

Cuomo didn’t answer …

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