As Inflation Persists, Media Doubles Down on Calling Americans Dumb for Noticing

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After Biden boasted in the State of the Union how our economy is the “envy of the world” and claimed that inflation was done, surprise, it’s not done.

Janet Yellen warns inflation decline might not be ‘smooth – FOX Business CPI Report: Consumer Inflation and Prices Were Up Again in February – AP

So what’s to be done with this kind of news? Double down on “Let them eat cake”.

After a few months of this…

Americans are unusually down on a solid economy. NBC News Why Americans Hate a Good Economy- The Atlantic ‘The economy isn’t sick right now,’ economist says—here’s why Americans still feel like it is – CNBC

… the media has decided to double down and declare that people are stupid for noticing inflation.

The Wall Street Journal came out with a really bizarre article titled, “We Still Don’t Believe …

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