Harmeet Dhillon Reveals Moment She Was Almost Killed by an Illegal Immigrant

Article originally appeared on www.westernjournal.com.

Marxist Democrats have distorted the very concept of compassion and then weaponized it against U.S. citizens and legal immigrants alike.

After all, no other tactic could have compelled law-abiding Americans to tolerate illegal immigration for as long as they have.

In a Thursday post on the social media platform X, conservative lawyer and Republican Party official Harmeet Dhillon described her near-fatal collision with an illegal immigrant in San Francisco.

“An illegal alien totaled my car in 2007 while making an illegal left turn into oncoming traffic. He fled the scene,” Dhillon began.

What happened next showed how distorted compassion, commonly called “tolerance,” has trained many Americans to censor their behavior.

“After he was apprehended a few blocks away, SFPD was reluctant to arrest him because … he was illegal. I insisted, and they gave him a ticket. He disappeared,” she wrote.

In other words, law enforcement officers in San Francisco suppressed …

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