Tyson Exposes the “Jobs Americans Won’t Do” Lie

Article originally appeared on www.frontpagemag.com.

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Wrecking the immigration system has always depended on lies.

Lies like “one-time amnesty”, “thoroughly vetted refugees”, “address the root causes of migration” and, of course, “jobs Americans won’t do.”

Generations of Americans (not to mention Europeans) were assured that the invading hordes were just there to do the scut work, the jobs that the natives won’t do. Business groups treated us to a litany of complaints that their members just couldn’t find Americans to fill those jobs. And without an endless flood of migrants, the entire economy will collapse.

This was always a lie, but few companies demonstrated it as devastatingly as Tyson Foods just did.

Tyson this week said it would shutter its pork plant in Perry, Iowa, this summer, putting 1,276 people out of work in a town of just 8,000… Last May, Tyson Foods closed two facilities in Virginia and Arkansas …

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