GOP Can’t Beat Dems’ Ballot Harvesting Game Unless They Play It

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Republicans have long shunned the practice of “ballot harvesting” — and with good reason. Trafficking voters’ ballots by the batch is a core Democrat strategy, and even when done legally, the practice makes it harder to detect potential ballot fraud and undermines voter confidence. But with dozens of states permitting legal ballot collection, Republicans can no longer sit back and hope Election Day turnout will be enough to combat Democrats’ tactics.

“Ballot harvesting” refers to when a third party, such as volunteers or paid workers, go to residences, nursing homes, and other locations to pick up completed ballots and drop them off at election offices or another designated drop-off location.

At least 24 states permit a voter to designate an individual who can return his ballot for him, though some states include other stipulations such as how many ballots an individual can return. Democrat operatives have long used the …

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