Biden Campaign Launches Desperation Effort as Latino Voters Jump Ship to Trump in Droves

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Democrats have always segregated Americans into categories, pitting them against one another and offering them nothing but fear and division.

Now, that loathsome party has a problem. And its operatives have decided to address the problem in the only way Democrats know: Through racist condescension and pandering.

According to Axios, President Joe Biden is trying to shore up diminishing support among non-white voters by visiting a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday.

Rumor has it that the president will entertain diners with lurid tales of his rough childhood in the barrios of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Or, if that fails, perhaps he will remind them that if they do not support him, then they ain’t Mexican.

Either way, Axios did report that Biden will announce a new campaign initiative called “Latinos con Biden-Harris.”

That should do the trick. After all, why would Latino voters want safe communities, affordable …

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