Trump Gets Backing of Powerful Billionaire Who Says Biden’s ‘Mental Condition Is Really Scary’

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With the November election getting closer by the day, President Joe Biden’s re-election troubles are getting more evident.

Not only do polls show ordinary voters expressing their disillusionment with the Biden administration and planning to vote for former President Donald Trump, but even formerly vocal critics of Trump are abandoning the sinking ship of Joe Biden’s campaign.

Among these newborn Trump supporters is billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, current non-executive chairman of the Wendy’s hamburger chain, as well as a board member of Sysco and The Madison Square Garden Company (and also, as the U.K. Daily Mail notes, is the father-in-law of David and Victoria Beckham’s son Brooklyn).

Now, as the Financial Times reports in its story on Peltz’ change of heart, Peltz initially supported Trump in 2020, but then publicly disavowed Trump in the wake of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion.

Likewise, Peltz has supported …

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