Biden Slapped with Massive Backlash After Trying to Replace Easter with Trans Holiday – ‘Direct Assault on Christianity’

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This year, as Easter and “Transgender Day of Visibility” fall on the same day, March 31, the situation is more complicated than ever.

Of course, if you’re politically on the left it would be hard to forgo taking note of the day celebrating the transgender ideology but there’s a balancing act with not attacking Christian believers at the same time.

While an exact answer for those stuck in the political hell that is sitting on the American left, it’s certain that it takes lots of tact and skillful maneuvering to avoid trampling over anybody’s beliefs.

President Joe Biden unfortunately lacks tact and is far too senile to ever skillfully maneuver anything except perhaps his 2018 Cadillac he bragged to Special Counsel Robert Hur about.

Instead, the aging Delaware politician went guns blazing straight ahead, loudly proclaiming that March 31, 2024, was TDOV.


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