As Biden WH Pushed ‘Trans Visibility Day,’ Look What Was Posted to the Spanish-Language Account

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What’s Spanish for “disgraceful cowardice”?

President Joe Biden’s White House, in full-election-season thrall to the leftist base of the Democratic Party, had no problem desecrating the holiest day on the Western Christian calendar this weekend by saluting a “Transgender Day of Visibility” taking place on Easter.

At least it had no problem in English. When it came to Spanish-language social media, as the Daily Caller reported Monday, it was a different story.

There, Biden and his re-election bosses didn’t even mention the left-wing holiday, no doubt knowing full well the Catholic faith remains a strong influence on the country’s Hispanic population — even, as a Pew report from 2023 indicates, if it’s not what it was.

EXPOSED: The White House is deliberately pushing differing messages to its different language-speaking audiences. On the main English account, today they celebrated Transgender Day of Visibility. On the Spanish-language account, zero references to Trans Day Of Visibility.… — End Wokeness …

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