U.S. Diplomat Warns Iran That Next Time It Will Be Held Responsible

Article originally appeared on www.frontpagemag.com.

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It’s getting serious.

U.S. Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Robert Wood on Sunday strongly condemned the Iranian attack on Israel and warned that Iran will be held responsible for any further actions taken against the United States, Israel or their allies. “Let me be clear — if Iran or its proxies take actions against the United States or further action against Israel, Iran will be held responsible,” Wood said, in his remarks at a U.N. Security Council briefing on the situation in the Middle East.

Let’s see

Recently, Iran has…

1. Killed 3 American servicemembers (adding to the hundreds killed during the Iraq War and other larger conflicts.)

2. Attempted to assassinate former Trump admin officials

3. Conducted a proxy running battle with the U.S. Navy in the Red Sea

4. Planned the Oct 7 attacks in which numerous Americans were killed

But now, we’re expected …

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