Crime-Ridden San Francisco Wants To Punish Grocery Stores For Fleeing Said Crime

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Unpunished crime is so out of control in San Francisco that the city now wants to punish grocery stores who want to leave.

Under the ‘Grocery Protection Act’ introduced by city Board of Supervisors member Dean Preston (Democratic Socialist), stores that want to flee all the crime and other increased liabilities will have to provide the city with six months advanced notice, and make efforts to find a replacement supermarket for the location being vacated, Benzinga reports.

The move comes after While Foods shut down its flagship store in San Francisco after being open for just over a year, citing employee safety concerns.

The reports show how workers at the store were routinely threatened with weapons, while vagrants would throw food at staff, engage in fights, and even defecate on the floor. One incident saw a homeless man with a knife spray an employee …

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