Northwestern U Responds to Pro-Hamas Riots With Free Terror Scholarships

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How do you ensure more campus pro-terror riots? By subsidizing them.

In any discussion about the pro-Hamas riots, it’s important to make the point that they are being ultimately subsidized by the universities. Student activity fees go to fund pro-terror campus groups like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the pro-terror speakers that are brought in.

At Northwestern University, the message is that the university leadership will boost terror subsidies.

After five days of anti-Israel demonstrators occupying Deering Meadow on Northwestern University’s campus, Northwestern president Michael Schill and the rest of the university’s leadership decided to accede to several of the protesters’ demands. While not committing to divesting its endowment from companies that do business in Israel and ending partnerships with Israeli institutions, the university released a list of concessions in a celebratory statement Monday afternoon in exchange for …

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