Steven Spielberg Lends Hand To President Biden’s Campaign: REPORT

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World-famous director Steven Spielberg is reportedly throwing his support behind President Joe Biden by actively strategizing for his reelection campaign.

Spielberg’s latest project has nothing to do with movies, and everything to do with politics, as the entertainment mogul enters the political realm in his very own way. The acclaimed director has been a staunch Biden supporter for some time, but now he’s making bold moves to help push Biden closer to the finish line in the 2024 Presidential Campaign. Spielberg is offering strategic input for the Democratic National Convention, currently scheduled for August, according to Puck.

Spielberg is working alongside his friend and former DreamWorks business partner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, who is chair of the Biden campaign. Spielberg has reportedly peeled himself away from the film industry long enough to attend multiple political strategy sessions, to offer his insights on how to best …

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