‘Huge Problem’: Trial Expert Tells CNN Lack Of Evidence Could Lead To Trump Acquittal Even With Dem Jury

Article originally appeared on dailycaller.com.

Jury consultant Robert Hirschhorn told CNN on Monday that the prosecution’s lack of evidence in former President Donald Trump’s trial so far is a major issue that could lead to a “not guilty” verdict despite the likelihood of the jury being largely Democratic because of the Manhattan venue.

Former Trump Organization controller Jeffrey McConney testified on Monday, asserting that Trump never directed him to falsify documents under cross examination by the defense. McConney is yet another witness who has not proven direct involvement by the former president, with Hirschhorn saying even a Democratic jury is likely to acquit Trump if the prosecution does not eventually offer more compelling evidence.(RELATED: Alvin Bragg’s Case Against Trump Suffers More Setbacks As Another Witness Deflates His Narrative—And The Media’s)

WATCH: “Cases are won and lost on cross-examination, not direct examination,” Hirschhorn told host Kaitlan Collins. “And the …

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