Corrupt Judge Orders Trump To Stop Calling Him Corrupt Judge

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Many people feel that the trial of Donald Trump in New York is an unethical circus orchestrated by a bent prosecutor and overseen by a dirty judge in order to hamstring a political threat to a deep state so oppressive it can mobilize nefarious government corruptocrats to abuse our legal system in ways that would reveal the deepest malfeasance of an illegitimate establishment if the media taxed with exposing such venality were not itself a cesspool of anti-constitutional delusion fueled by a raft of absurdly illogical leftist academic theories piped into the minds of the gullible until they spread throughout the chattering classes like a sexually transmitted disease although the only people being screwed are those remaining members of the American public who yearn to breathe free as our founding fathers intended.

Other people think … something else. Maybe they aren’t watching the news. Possibly they’re just staring as if drugged at some mindless distraction …

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