Democrat In High-Stakes Race Who Says She’s ‘Not Beholden’ To Corporate Interests Raked In Lobbyist Cash

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The Democratic nominee for Maryland’s Senate race has repeatedly distanced herself from corporate interests, but a slew of corporate lobbyists have flooded her campaign with cash.

Democratic Senate candidate Angela Alsobrooks on April 26 stated that she is “not beholden to large corporate interests like Big Oil, Big Pharma, or the Big Gun Lobby,” and has echoed similar sentiments in fundraising emails. Despite her posture, Alsobrooks’ campaign has raked in well over $100,000 from dozens of lobbyists, including those representing the pharmaceutical and fossil fuel industries, disclosures show.

In addition to rebuking corporate interests, Alsobrooks has also promised that, once elected to the Senate, she will “stand up to deep-pocketed, powerful, special interests,” according to a December 2023 fundraising email. Some lobbyists working to represent these interests, however, have donated to her campaign. (RELATED: Maryland Dems Pick Angela Alsobrooks To Face-Off …

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