Take Your Mark: A Practical Guide For Defending Women, Girls, And Biological Truth

Article originally appeared on www.dailywire.com.

The following is an adapted excerpted from “Swimming Against the Current,” by Riley Gaines. (May 2024, Center Street/Hachette Book Group)

When swimmers hear the words “Take your mark” before a race, it’s an invitation to the calm before the storm. A true competitor thrives in this moment because it’s when they decide whether they are going to win or lose.

When you take your mark, you know the challenge ahead. And, ready or not, you’re diving into the pool.

Even a year and a half since I have retired from competitive swimming, every day I wake up and it feels like I’m taking my mark. And in the spirit of transparency, there are days in which my advocacy and activism feel much like sprinting in mud. Sometimes I wonder if any of the work I’m doing is making any difference at all.

It’s when I get emails, text messages, or DMs from girls and …

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