Stop Putting Non-Models On Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covers

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Like the companies that have fallen before it (Bud Light, Target, etc.) Sports Illustrated has, yet again, failed to read the room. The magazine once revered by manly men everywhere placed media personality Gayle King on one of its covers to celebrate 60 years of its iconic Swimsuit Issue. Granted, that’s a step up from putting a man on the cover, but still, it misses the mark considerably.

In no way am I criticizing Oprah’s sidekick because of her age, nor do I minimize her accomplishments even though I might find her talent questionable. What I find contemptible are the lies the leftist culture insists on shoving down our throats.

“Sexy isn’t an age, sexy isn’t a size,” plus-size model Hunter McGrady pronounced in her interview about the new SI cover with CBS Morning co-hosts, including King. Yes, that’s exactly what sexy is. Any woman can feel sexy, …

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