Biden’s Got a Big Problem: 28 Delegates Now ‘Uncommitted’

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As President Joe Biden approaches a rematch with former President Donald Trump, Democrats are sending a message of dissatisfaction to their own incumbent.

Throughout the primary season, activists have urged Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in presidential primaries to show the clout of the pro-Palestinian wing of the party.

In Kentucky, that resulted in almost 18 percent of voters picking “uncommitted,” enough to send five delegates to the Democratic National Convention, according to The Hill.

To date, at least 28 convention delegates are pledged to the “uncommitted” movement.

That’s nowhere near the threat to Biden winning the nomination. The president has 3,750 delegates.

Biden just wants to pander to the Palestinian mob to win his election. That makes him betray a longstanding ally. It’s truly pathetic. Basically he is thwarting military aid for personal gain, just as they impeached Trump for with Ukraine. — Sean Chapman (@SeanChTw) May 7, 2024

But in a contest where many polls show …

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