Jon Stewart Doubles Down, Says Trump Is Source Of Cancel Culture

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Jon Stewart fashions himself a court jester, but often he’s just a fool.

Consider his bewildering take on cancel culture, which the press often cites with either scare quotes or prefaced by “so-called.”

There’s nothing imaginary about it.

Tell that to Stewart, who in 2021 claimed it was just a myth, a mirage. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

People that talk about cancel culture never seem to shut the f*** up about it…Like, there’s more speech now than ever before. It’s not ‘you can’t say it,’ it’s that when you say it—look, the internet has democratized criticism. What do we do for a living—we talk s***, we criticize, we postulate, we opine, we make jokes, and now other people are having their say. And that’s not cancel culture, that’s relentlessness. We live in a relentless culture. And the system of the internet and all those other things …

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