Muslims Turn Against Biden in Key Swing States, Want Democrats to ‘Learn a Lesson’

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Frustrated by what they perceive as the Biden administration’s pro-Israel stance, some Muslim organizations have decided to actively undermine President Joe Biden’s campaign, apparently to teach the Democratic Party a lesson.

A national “Abandon Biden” movement aimed at defeating President Biden’s re-election bid in 2024 is gaining momentum among some Muslim activists and leaders, including several from Minnesota, a state that hasn’t voted Republican in a presidential election since 1972.

Their goal is to punish the president for his stance on the Israeli military offensive in Gaza after the brutal Oct. 7 assault on Israel by the Palestinian militant group, Hamas.

The movement’s leaders, who say they also oppose former President Donald Trump, acknowledge their efforts could inadvertently help Trump return to power. But they believe sending a message that “defending genocide” can cost a candidate the presidency is more important, according to the Minneapolis Star …

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