Biden Vacations While Americans Suffer

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Earlier this month, as anti-Israel protests raged on college campuses and the country continued to face down a series of historic crises, Joe Biden marked a new personal milestone – his 460th day of vacation since taking office.

In total, the president has spent nearly 40 percent of his tenure off-duty and away from the White House, including 142 days last year alone. As millions of Americans struggle to afford rent and put food on the table, Biden has earned a reputation for himself as the “Slacker in Chief” – something which is likely to earn the ire of voters come election season.

Most of Biden’s vacation time has been spent at his beach house in Delaware, where he took no less than 30 trips last year. Despite Biden’s staff claiming that he “can work from anywhere” and “works every single day of the week,” the president has frequently been photographed …

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