2024 Election: Is the FBI Fudging Violent Crime Data to Help Biden? – What You Need to Know

Article originally appeared on www.westernjournal.com.

There is no doubt that President Joe Biden is trying to downplay the issue of crime going into November’s election.

“Make no mistake: America is making progress against crime — saving lives, and restoring security and peace of mind,” Biden said in a recent statement on what the White House titled a “Record Decrease in Violent Crime.”

The question is whether the FBI is fudging their nationwide statistics to fit the narrative that crime has decreased significantly on the president’s watch.

There are indications that the FBI is doing just that, though it may not be entirely the bureau’s fault — because it is dependent on the data that cities provide.

When cities and localities don’t provide the data, the FBI makes “estimates,” according to an April report entitled “Assessing America’s Crime Crisis” published by the Coalition for Law Order and Safety.

Gallup reported in March that crime is among the top six issues on voters’ …

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