1 in 3 Employers Worried About Hiring Campus Hamas Supporters

Article originally appeared on www.frontpagemag.com.

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On the one hand this is bad news for those Hamas supporters rioting on college campuses, but on the other hand we already know that this is a ‘rich kid’ movement and that those of its members looking for work will likely do so in DEI, lefty nonprofits or some corporate niche like HR or marketing already populated by their own.

While companies may be reluctant to hire supporters of murder, rape and overthrowing America, the collateral damage will mainly involve the morons who were dragged along in their wake without having a trust fund or a career in saving the planet to fall back on.

The class of 2024 have graduated into a rocky jobs market and to make matters worse, employers are becoming increasingly wary about hiring them. In fact, 64% of employers have said they have become concerned about hiring graduates in the …

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