Watch: Car Alarm Derails Robert De Niro’s Anti-Trump Speech in Front of Courthouse – ‘He Will Never Leave!’

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Robert De Niro may be an award-winning actor, but he has become one of the worst, most hate-filled cranks in Hollywood, and his chronic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome broke out again in New York City.

For some inexplicable reason, Joe Biden’s campaign team decided it would be a good idea to hold a news conference in Manhattan outside the courthouse where Donald Trump’s business records trial is under way.

Even more inexplicably, team Biden asked one of the most unhinged actors in Hollywood to speak out against the former president.

First of all, it has been something of a wonder how Biden’s campaign has steered clear of talking much about the trial. Until now, it appeared that they had realized that commenting too much on the trial could be seen as election interference. But now it looks like they have thrown that concern out the window — and in the worst possible …

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