Biden’s Deal Gives Hamas Everything It Wanted

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On Oct 7, Hamas had a Plan A and a Plan B.

Plan A was to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. Plan B was to pull back, stage ambushes and cry genocide while making up fake casualties and staging atrocities until its Islamist and leftist allies managed to save it while using hostages and their bodies as negotiating leverage.

Biden, who had announced back in December that he had bailed out on supporting Israel, now announced his proposed deal that consists of 3 (actually 4) phases.

Let me break down it down.

Phase 1. Hamas frees some surviving female hostages and returns the bodies of the others in return for Israel releasing hundreds of terrorists. Then Hamas retakes control over populated areas in Gaza. Phase 2. Endless negotiations for the possible return of the rest of the hostages as Hamas secures its grip on Gaza once again. …

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