Donald Trump Found Guilty Of Running For President

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Donald Trump, as you have certainly heard by now, has been convicted.

The verdict is in. Guilty — guilty on all 34 felony counts of running for re-election.

That, after all, is the actual crime that Trump committed. It’s the one and only reason that this case was ever brought. They prosecuted him for trying to be president again. That’s the actual reality. That’s the real crime — which isn’t a crime. But, you might still be wondering, on paper, what crime was Trump just convicted of? Somehow, a day after the guilty verdict was read, the actual crime he was guilty of is still very hard to say.

One possible theory is that the government of New York really doesn’t like it when people overpay their taxes. They’re the first government in the history of the universe that actively punishes its citizens for handing over too …

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